Pawan Jain

Pawan Jain, a known industry veteran and ‘Logistics Guru of India’, is the Chief Managing Director and founder of Safexpress Private Limited. He has committed the past three decades of his professional career towards serving the supply chain & logistics industry. He established Safexpress in 1997 for undertaking activities in logistics and supply chain domain, at a time when the industry was at a very nascent stage and full of challenges.

His vision, sharp intellect and deep insight have been great assets to the industry and have contributed to the unparalleled rapid pace of the growth of Safexpress. He has been a guiding light behind developing Safeducate Learning Institute, with an objective to nurture competence, talent and proficiency in supply chain and logistics workforce



Rubal Jain

A Stanford MBA & Columbia University graduate, Rubal has played a very important part in giving new energy to the processes & strategies at Safexpress, India's leading logistics & distribution services provider.

In a very brief period of time, he has brought about revolutionary changes in the organisation by redesigning business development platform. This has increased the output of the Sales Team and consequently increased sales across India. Through his consistent emphasis on training as a strategic initiative, both the availability of resources and the rapid growth of the organisation are ensured.

A thorough professional with a sharp business insight, he is rightly living up to the role of a leader and has been a source of inspiration for the young generation.


Divya Jain

Divya is a postgraduate in ‘Management Studies’ from the University of Cambridge, UK and a B.A (Hons) in Economics from Hindu College, Delhi University. She is additionally a Law graduate from the University of London.Under her leadership, Safeducate, a corporate training enterprise, since 2007, has catered to over 6000 students and imparted over 8000 hours of training. Under her initiative, corporate training progressed through interaction with different stakeholders. This interaction resulted in the designing and cost-effective imparting of training in more than 50 cities in India. Further, training related innovations resulted in the creation of e-learning programmes, site audit programmes and leadership development tracks, all of which contributed directly to the growth of operations and business of Safexpress.

Previously, she has worked with a number of Fortune 500 client companies, including Ernst and Young, where she was involved in creating and validating business plans, conducting competition analysis and visualising future business strategies.