About Safeducate

Safeducate was founded in the year 2007, when Safexpress- India’s largest Supply Chain and Logistics Company, envisioned the skill need in the supply chain & logistics industry. Ever since, Safeducate has made its presence strongly felt by nurturing competent workforce and continuously striving towards developing a talent pool of proficient supply chain and logistics professionals. Led by the alumni of Stanford, Columbia and Cambridge Universities, the team blends rich operational experience with international know-how and best practices to create programs which are extremely stimulating, hands on and industry focused. Using the latest in technology and its rich pool of experienced, qualified and certified trainers and content experts.

Purpose of the Programme

  • Overview of Transportation Management
  • Identifying Skill Gaps
  • Competency mapping
  • Skill Gap Analysis
  • Skill Gap Filling
  • Personality Building
  • Skill development Analysis
  • Matching the job profile with skill set
  • Placement Process Document

    I.Pre On-boarding Test

    Mode of test – online

    Competencies to be checked:

  • Communication
  • General intelligence and reasoning
  • IT knowledge and MS Excel
  • Behavior skills
  • Analytical ability and problem solving
  • Note: Education and professional background details are to be collected on the test platform itself.

    II. Candidate On-boarding

    Once the candidate is registered for Safejob, the following must be done immediately.

  • Welcome mail
  • Ask them to prepare a video resume and share with training team
  • III. Map Candidate Competencies with Suitable Job Roles

  • List the competencies of the candidate by analyzing the following:
  • (i)Resume (soft copy and video resume)

    (ii)Mock interview

    (iii)Personal counseling

  • Prepare the mapping of suitable job roles which matches the existing competencies
  • Counsel the candidates according to the mapped competencies and suitable job roles
  • IV. Training till batch launch

    Candidate will undergo training as per the defined course duration. The curriculum should include the following topics.

  • Domain
  • Resume preparation
  • Self-introduction
  • Verbal communication
  • Active listening
  • Customer orientation
  • E-mail writing
  • MS Excel
  • Grooming

  • VII. Job offer / Placement

  • Arrange the interview as per the candidate’s competency matching job roles
  • Interview feedback to be collected in specified format from recruiter in both hiring or rejection scenarios
  • Feedback to be shared with the training team for any gap and re-training if required
  • Offer letter to be collected and filed
  • Video testimonials
  • V. Post Training Assessment

    Post assessment will check the learning progress and interview preparedness by:

  • Online aptitude test (improved version)
  • Mock interview
  • VI. Sharing suitable job roles which matches the candidate’s competencies & aspirations

  • Placement team to have a pool of job offers across India according to the relevant competencies and aspirations of the candidates
  • Placement Kit for job providers
  • (i)Candidate persona

    (ii)Video resume

  • JD must be shared with the candidates 2 days in advance for the candidate to prepare by checking the following
  • (i)Job description

    (ii)Know about your company

    (iii)Existing competencies and required level of competencies

  • The placement team to share a brief about the company in documented form to the candidate along with JD
  • Placement team to counsel the candidate about:
  • (i)The details of job opening

    (ii)About company

    (iii)Growth opportunities

    (iv)Salary in offer

  • Customized training – 2 days